Marketing and Engagement


We’re all preparing for the “new abonormal.” Many speculate that socializing and in-person events may never be the same as a result of our first-ever global quarantine.

Despite the challenges, many business are thriving with online video and digital marketing solutions for their products or services. Home gym equipment is one area where manufacturers have seen explosive growth.

We will confer with you and your team to identify your key performance indicators (KPIs). Then, we’ll roadmap the best approach for:

  • Video content production
  • Product launch announcements
  • Digital advertising media plans and
  • Event promotions.

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Marketing Technology

Plaetonic4 leverages many years of traditional Ad Tech and eCommerce strategy to optimize engagement and to close more sales. We also reference new methods of influencer outreach paired with stimulating event production to get your products in front of the right consumers. And we’ll make sure that your tech stack can handle the increased volume of traffic too.

Start a Podcast

If you are interested in reaching a wider audience with multi-media such as a podcast or hosted video content, we’ll guide you through the setup process to make it easy. Should you choose to establish a brand as well, we work with extraordinary designers to achieve brilliant logos. Once we know more about your goals, we’ll identify the best approach to promote your content.

Produce Exhilarating Videos

More and more companies are taking a “video-first” approach to content marketing. We work with video drone operators, professional production teams, and animators to deliver stunning results. Video content is an excellent way to capture the attention of interested leads and to showcase your offering.

Data Analysis

Once we connect you with the most valuable demographic for your niche, our team then analyzes performance data to provide you with essential takeaways that foster even greater success.

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